Sridhar is fabulous with his writing skills … I (Srividhya) cant claim to have an artistic touch or flair for words… in anycase I will go on… and I urge you all to read the articles…if nothing I can promise to take you to paradise… may be you will start day dreaming like us…
First a little background .. about me and Sridhar… (the hosts to this blog). Lets start with Sridhar:-
Sridhar claims he is a mallu (malayali) .. native of Palakkad, where he completed his schooling and also graduation… this man is so proud of his college “Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad” which also is an alma mater to the very famous E. Sreedharan, T.N Seshan. Sridhar further stayed for a long time in Chennai…. again one should hear to his tales .. from the period he stayed in Chennai…. he glorifies Chennai to such an extent that “Mumbaikars will forget to blow their trumpets ”. Then Sridhar has spent rest of the period in Mumbai.. (obviously.. fate had to get him here .. as our marriage was destined!!!!).
What does Sridhar loves the most …… he loves his Dosa “Big time foodiee.. unfortunately bears with my cooking”, history buff… you may have heard ppl say they love history.. but the historical data that Sridhar has stored in his brains is huge… hope you will get a glimpse of it in his writings… he loves badminton. Cricket is another passion…. now comes the thing which outweighs all of the above… HIS LOVE FOR TRAVEL.. and the thought to get others inspired to VISIT NEW places.. heard, unheard, known unknown…..
Now my turn !!!!!
Srividhya Sridhar… born .. brought up lived.. in Mumbai.. essentially in Thane…. I claim to be a true Mumbaikar. I work in the legal department of an esteemed corporate house(so I am a lawyer.. and don’t blame me if you land up reading stuff in legal language … that’s my SKILL). What do I love.. I love adventure, am associated with the Art of Living “Sri Sri Ravishankar”, love reading, talking (few may claim), I love craft, drawing (not that I have mastered any) .. over period of time have started loving the time spent in kitchen .. (love my chats.. vadapavs .. pav bhaji.. egg bhurji…..).
Post marriage.. we realized, that the one of the common strings binding us is the passion for TRAVEL.. to add on we have a wonderful family who is equally passionate about traveling and have already covered the length and breadth of India .. be it my Mother in law.. or our uncles & aunts.. formerly employed with Survey of India, RBI.. having rich knowledge and experience of traveling and they did, time and again, add fuel to the fire (namely travel kida) existing in us….. we slowly started trekking with a group  .. we started biking …..
By now you would be wondering itni jankari kyon… its my intention to familiarize you with who we are before … we get you hooked to our blogs… “dedicated to TRAVEL..HISTORY… LIFE …etc..”
Await our next blog sooonnnn…………….

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Srividhya & Sridhar,
    Your introduction section is brilliant. I look forward to reading about your ‘travel, history & life’ blogs
    Priya narayan


  2. Super Job…..

    Excellent presentation appreciate the thought process and time invested, actually while reading I felt as if I’m right over there.

    Keep moving….

    Manish Galrani

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I did know you guys love to travel – but this is a great way to share those experiences. Keep blogging Srividhya and Sridhar. Will read with great enthusiasm. Some day, come visit the U.S. and explore this part of the world as well
    -Suresh (your cousin)


  4. Great introduction Srividhya.

    But there are more people who claim that you love talking than few :-). Count me in those.

    Looking forward to read your next trip detail. All the best and happy travelling.


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